The Reciprocity Foundation

The Reciprocity Foundation is an award-winning not-for-profit organization celebrated for it's innovative approaches to helping homeless youth break the cycle of poverty.

Using an integrated approach--that combines contemplative and spiritual care with internships, job trainings, access to higher education, holistic health care services, and life-leadership development--the Reciprocity Foundation has helped hundreds of homeless youth reach their full potential.

Many of the graduates of the foundation have become Emmy nominated media professionals, designers, entrepreneurs and respected community leaders.


Inspired by the spiritual legacy of Fr. Bede Griffiths, HAB, is an ecumenical and interspiritual contemplative fellowship for young people which offers formation in radical spirituality and sacred activism.

The goals of this fellowship are to provide spiritual direction and contemplative mentoring, connect young people with elders and mentors, and build a movement of small communities of young people who dedicate their lives to a contemplative life and to inspired, transformative action in the world.